How do i become more popular, you ask?

Aside from becoming best friends with One Direction…. update your Google RSS feed and join socialmouths blog.

In one of their most recent posts, they compiled statistics on Facebook consumers commenting/liking and sharing patterns…

Now although I personally don’t care who comments on what, and how popular that makes me. Business’s do care. and hell, if my savings were in jeopardy of how many likes or comments i received, i would to. So whether you own a business or quite simply your ego has no limits …

ABIDE BY MY: HOW TO BECOME MORE POPULAR LIST: (because every good blogger should have a list….I’m told… by better bloggers than myself)

  1. Post a Sexy photo -it doesn’t reallllllly have to be sexy, it could just be what you ate for dinner or your dog, but statistics show that people are more likely to share/comment/like photos.
  2. Embody Tom Cruise– (figuratively) statistics show that  self-centered posts including words such as ‘i’ and ‘me’ are more susceptible to likes. (because ‘likes’ keep you warm at night)
  3. Make sure everyone knows how much you hate your life- because people are more likely to comment and like your negative posts rather than your positive/neutral ones.
  4. Take your phone to dinner– because between 6-8pm, it be rainin’ comments
  5. Never post on a Thursday- because everyone’s happier on the weekend.

For a more serious breakdown of statistics, visit my inspiration for the blog: click here

And always remember:

“You are what you tweet.”

– Alex Tew, Monkey Inferno


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