Popular Culture

When setting up a few Google alerts last week, i was half expecting a large influx of pointless news and spam. But instead my somewhat typical topics, such as ‘travel’, ‘television’ and ‘films’, returned with a great variety of information.

Of course what struck me first when opening my recent ‘travel’ alert was the title ‘Vietnam airline fined for in-flight bikini show’…. sounds like a joke, but….no? Although i find the idea utterly hilarious, one has to wonder whether the human race is actually evolving? One can joke about.. and ask ‘what are they going to do next, have a strip club on-board?’… but to tell you the truth, they’re probably putting in the shiny golden poles as we speak. I’m sure you will have to read it to believe it.. so here’s the link… if that doesn’t quench your thirst, then there are rumors of a video uploaded to YouTube.

Funnily enough, my other alert seemed to again prove the theory of ‘dumbing-down’ society. A new TV series by NBC, that seems as intellectually stimulating as watching girls fight in jello- is Animal Practice. A TV show centered around a hospital, which has an actual monkey playing the doctors assistant. Driving in a tiny ambulance, and working on patients….. there’s nothing this monkey can’t do. Under many layers of cynicism i have to acknowledge that this show (if it intends not to take itself too seriously), may actually be funny….

After enjoying my ‘guilty pleasure’ TV shows: such as Scrubs, How I met your mother and Community. I understand that there will always be a place for TV shows that ultimately inject you with entertainment. Plus, after a hard day at uni, i want to avoid the concept of ‘analyzing’ in every way shape or form.


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