File Sharing the student charter

This Netmed task, required me to analyze and also adapt the student charter and load it onto a shared server. Having not had much experience with Google Docs, I hesitated greatly on beginning this assignment. After all the procrastination, I finally manned-up to the task, finding it a lot easier then I had first anticipated.

One of the greatest advantages of this software is that it allows a large number of users to access a single document, as if it was on their local machines. This means that I could see the changes that other students were making almost instantaneously! With the document loaded onto a single server, we had also minimized the space needed for copies and reduced administrative problems.

The only problem with this task, was the large number of users compared to the small amount of content we were allowed to edit. With fear of having to re-edit other students work, and not imprint my own opinions onto the document, I decided to do what others had done before me; make my own charter to edit. With only ’10 commandments’, its almost impossible for each student to add their unique suggestion without it being lost in a sea of other voices. This also means that students who had completed the task first would have a greater advantage then those who had completed it later. After over 100 students had edited the piece, the charter would also start to loose its original meaning. Becoming a list of long-winded sentences, that never really got to the point.

Conclusively, i feel that file sharing is an excellent tool for university students working in group projects. Yet I would suggest that if you are editing the document, you should restrict the amount of users who can access it. Contrastingly, If the file is only uploaded to be viewed and downloaded by others, share it with as many people as you like!

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