Free Beer

It was a warm summer day, and I had just started my first week at RMIT. Sitting in the confined rooms of my Cinema Tute, a loud thumping noise suddenly invaded the classroom. Where was this loud thumping techno coming from? and why was it interrupting the classical film noir we were all dutifully enjoying.

As i walked outside onto Bowen st, I spotted the culprits. It was the RUSU student union.

Puzzled at what was happening, I walked closer to investigate. As the music became louder, so did the smell of cheap beer and home-brewed cider. With the faces of my new friends becoming more distinct.

I Had Found Heaven on Earth.

With a free cider in my hand, good company and the sun shining on my back, I knew this year was going to be good.

I had finally escaped the realms of controlling high-school teachers, stringent uniform policies and inflexible classtimes. I was now free to become whoever i wanted, and finally decide my own future and make my own decisions.

Not only could i legally drink on the premises where i sought to develop my own education…… but it was free.

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