Freedom to Create

This weeks flipped lecture; Freedom to create, focused on the artwork of Chinese democrat; Liu Xia. Being a ‘forbidden artist’ in China, her work has remained predominately hidden from the general public. This article therefore questions the creative restrictions imposed on Chinese artists and directly reminded me of my experiences at the Tate Modern in London last year. One of the pieces I felt deeply moved by was Ai Weiwei’s: Sunflower seeds in his ‘Unilever series’.Similar to Liu Xia, Ai Weiwei’s work has been forbidden in China, as has his civil rights been violated.

I have explored my first experience of Ai Weiwei’s work in a recent cowbird story. To have a read click here.

*please note: all the photos used in my cowbird story are from the public domain and do not violate any copyright laws.


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