Enchanted Ground 4: Glory Hunting Productions

SYNOPSIS: Welcome to Hayden and Issy’s Digital Hunt for Glory and Awakening. You have entered the virtual realm on a path that will lead you to ultimate enlightenment. In succeeding, you will behold the greatest victory one can attain in cyber world; a hilarious YouTube video. You will encounter great obstacles on this path. Following the enchanted Google maps, you will encounter unforgiving Facebook groups, the riddles of QR tags, and the wise Twittersphere.

Your journey has only just begun…

Below you will see the rudimentary steps involved in participating in this game:

Involving users through social media, we hope to create an engaging, fun and humorous game. These simple steps can therefore be applied to commercial companies who seek a more engaging marketing scheme. But first they must hire us!

Below you will see Hayden and mines marketing image: Glory Hunting Productions ©


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