Enchanted Ground 5: Implement the Game

When our game became a reality….

LEVEL 1: Having way too much fun creating a name for our new ‘game’,our title ‘DigitalHuntForGloryAndAwakening’ proved to be a difficult Facebook group to find. Although the name is hilarious, upon reflection I would probably change it. Its simplification would decrease the risk of spelling and grammar errors.

We don’t want our gamers stuck on the first level!

Aside from this limitation (and the fact that we needed a starting time for our event), the group has a simple layout with easy to follow instructions. Using google maps, there really is no excuse in not finding this next clue.

LEVEL 2: Upon completion, I found my next QR tag. It was easy to find! and easy to scan

Heres the real thing:

After scanning the QR tag with my iphone. This awesome message appeared( I didn’t realise QR tags had this type of capability):

LEVEL 3: After reading this message, I followed the easy instructions and went to the toilets. *Dont worry QR tags were placed in all toilets!

I looked in the mirror…… and look at what i found

or even:

I scanned the code and it took me here….


Following the instructions on the main page, I followed this page. And clicked on the first tweet:

At this point we had attempted to create an automated message service to notify all of our new followers about the next and FINAL STAGE. Using tweetlater, Socialoomph and TwitterDMer, we made lots a trillion attempts to make this happen. But Twitter just wasn’t having any of it. Due to spamming complications, Twitter have attempted to control any Auto-reply messages that get sent. So instead, we scheduled a specific tweet on Hootsuite to be published  everyday at 5pm. This is therefore the weakest point in the game, as the tweets aren’t personalized, gamers must locate the tweet and continue to follow the link.

LEVEL 5: Finally I tweeted that I had won(including #netmed and @huntforglory) and a tweet appeared congratulating me:

At this point we also wanted another automated message, but due to complications already highlighted, we couldnt. Managed through Hootsuite, this account (@huntingforglory) is linked to both admins accounts (Hayden and me), so that it can be easily monitored.Successful applicants will therefore receive prompt replies and can easily claim their prize.


1.I think one of most successful aspects of this game is its variation in Social media software:

  • Facebook
  • Google Maps
  • QR tags
  • Twitter
  • Hootsuite

2.The QR tag instructions are very easy to follow.

3.The Youtube video is funny and fits with the theme.

4.The game takes you to new and interesting places!


1. The prize unfortunately isnt a tangible reward or money offer.

2. The name is too long and confusing, and isn’t constant throughout the game (due to wordlimits).

3. There aren’t personalised automated messages on Twitter.

4. Admins must constantly be monitoring the Hootsuite interface to contact new gamers.

5. Gamers must be able to access the RMIT city campus.


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