Mr.Gum Finds His Mates

With one Iphone, a couple of pieces of chewing gum, a laptop, a stapler (tripod), a couple of apps ( dropbox and Imotion HD) and two amazingly talented creators, we created this stop motion video:

Pre-Production: Due to its lengthy process, we chose a very simple storyline for our stop motion video project. The story has one main protagonist; Mr. Gum, who is embarking on a journey to find his friends. After finding a computer and searching for his friends, he manages to find them in a students backpack. This character obviously has one clear goal (to find his friends) which in turn propels the linear- narrative structure. By implementing this clear beginning-middle -end structure, we found it a lot easier to determine what shots we would use. Before we began shooting, we also created a mock video of our idea and a storyboard.

We attempted to vary our shot length, framing and mise-en-scene to make the video more engaging. Aware of the limitations of shooting on an Iphone and using a simple app, we also decided to only use one location for shooting. Here, we could control lighting, and avoid possible interruptions. Overall our intent was clear. We wanted to create a sweet and simple video in which a piece of gum would come to life and begin searching for his friends.

After finalising our idea, we thought our video could be used as a potential advertising campaign for Extra gum. As gum is chewed by men and women alike and both the young and the old, I feel our video would be perfect for this brand. Its simplicity is ideal for a wide target audience, with androgynous characters, a simple story and a fast pace.We decided, if our video was implemented by extra, it’s slogan would be ‘Because one is never enough’… or even ‘Because two is always better than one’. Turning gum into ‘Mr.Gum’, this characterisation could be incorporated into Extra’s social media advertising campaigns. Proposing that they could then create a corresponding game, where users have to find Mr. Gums mates.

Production: Taking a picture every 1 to 5 seconds, this app is extremely easy to use and very helpful. Yet the process of creating a stop-motion video, proved to be a very arduous task. Frame by Frame we had to move our character within the specified self-timer shooting limit. Moving my hand in and out of the shot, the Iphone was forced to continually focus and refocus. As there is no manual focus setting on an Iphone, our videos lighting and focus continually change.Unfortunately there was no way of avoiding this limitation.

This task was a great learning experience, as it required ALOT of patience. More than anything, i learnt how easy it is to create a short film on my Iphone. I would definitely suggest this app to anyone intending to create a quick stop motion video.

Post Production: After creating our individual videos, we uploaded them to dropbox and exported them to final cut. This was a quick process, as we edited each shot together and added some music. We have full authorisation to use this music as it is Hayden’s band Lurch and Chief. As highlighted in one of the flipped lectures, we used music to keep the story moving and hold viewers attention.I feel it compliments the story well, and has the potential to create publicity for the band, if it was used as an advertisement.After completing the video, we publicised it through a number of different social media websites using Hootsuite. Here we can monitor feedback, and audiences responses:

As the video is also on Youtube, it can be viewed by anyone in the public. From there it will hopefully be shared and liked to create greater publicity. As this blog also contains the video and is tagged with certain searchable terms, it will also create publicity for the video.

Overall, Hayden and I worked extremely well together. We divided each of the tasks, so that Hayden would film and set up shots and I would move the characters and create them. To improve this film, we could have had a longer story-line or a more interesting location for our character to travel around. we could also spend a long amount of time focusing each shot.

Although our intention was to create a film with everyday items, the gum wasn’t very nice to work with, as it made EVERYTHING sticky. Yet upon reflection i admire the simplicity of our video. It shows what two creative people can create with limited timing,equipment and budget compared to someone who has an unlimited supply of all these resources.

I hope you enjoy!

As all great work should be, our film has this copyright licence:


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