Integrate This!

Being the cynic I am, I was certainly critical of our first integrated task. Yet finding squares and circles to film, seemed to be a more difficult task then I had first intended. Surely it couldn’t be that hard? I certainly wasn’t about to go film an orange for 10 seconds, surely my creativity could exceed that! So I sought refuge in the Mason reading. Outlining the different forms of ‘noticing’ he guided me through some simple and quite peculiar tasks. I attempted stating that ‘I’m walking through a door’ every time I did so, but I cant say a burst of creativity consumed me. Instead my family had undoubtedly thought that their daughter had finally gone mad and probably had OCD.

Of course I couldn’t keep this charade up for long, but It did teach me a valuable lesson about noticing. My brain processes millions of information every nano-second, so if I was going to notice squares and circles I would have to prioritize them into a field of ‘intentional noticing’ .Let’s be honest. once I made  a conscious effort to start noticing them…. I couldn’t stop! my dreams became invaded by endless spinning circles and squares (maybe a tad over-dramatic, but you get the point).

As I begrudgingly started filming, I actually felt a wave of optimism come over me. Could i possibly be enjoying myself? It turns out I was.

All the things I was never allowed to do as a child were suddenly possible! (cue Disney music) Standing on tables, playing with food, setting up make-do tripods….all the things any regular child does? isn’t it? With this new creative license , I could pretty much destroy anything in our house and my parents would be fine with it. Manhandling every piece of bread we have… just to be super arty and creative.

Retrospectively viewing all of my week 1 videos, I can definitely see an underlying theme. Somehow I have focused on the permeability of my shapes. is it really a square ice cube, or just a puddle of liquid? Funnily enough I seem to attempt this in most of my assessments,by on some level trying to escape the criteria set.



3 thoughts on “Integrate This!

  1. You are def one of natures rebels, an iconoclast to the core, pushing back at the boundaries, questioning of the powers that be! Or maybe just curious about transformation and change?

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