Ghosts of Facebooks past

Losing someone you love is arguably one of the most difficult of human experiences. But in our modern age what is the fate of our online life after our offline life ceases to exist? should we pay homage to those we love, or delete their existence all together? how we now deal with grief is remarkably different from 50 years ago.

The imprint of data we leave behind is only a ghost of our online presence. But what possibilities could occur If we connected all this data together, as Weinberger states in his article ‘Too Big To Know’, we create knowledge. If we can cross these ‘ideas over large spaces of time and space’ could they also cross the mortal limitations of our body?

In his second series of Black mirror  Charlie Brooker raises this very poignant topic.He suggests that in the near future, there is the possibility of talking to our dead loved ones. Through a certain program, all the data that exists on the web about your loved one is found and organized to re-create them. It’s very creepy, but also remarkably possible.

Watch the video below.


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