How media has taken over my life

When considering what to do for another one of my crazy Saturday night-in’s ,I didn’t think that going to the hospital would quite make the cut .But unfortunately…. it did.

One moment you can’t feel your legs, next moment your ashamedly wearing the most hideous and embarrassing excuse for clothing there is in the world… ‘le hospital robe’. maybe making it sound french will bring back my dignity?

unfortunately not…..

yet whilst in the pits of despair, what had me worried the most was the opportunity I was missing! All week I had been deliberating on how I could encapsulate this weeks integrated theme of ‘travel’, and here I was being whisked from one ward to another on a giant wheely tripod….or should I more blandly say: Hospital bed.

Hooked to a drip i couldn’t reach my phone and fulfill the aspirations of my supernerd alter-ego. Lest i tried, which is probably as worrying as the trip to the hospital itself. I’m just hoping life will throw me another filming possibility…. Hopefully less macabre this time….


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