Escaping the limitations of time

As I opened yet another tab on my Firefox browser, I saw what my life had become… A series of unmanageable pages all competing for my attention. So i guess it’s true….. I am a product of my generation. Overloading my brain with information whilst simultaneously attempting to complete as many tasks as possible. Weinberger suggests that this informational anxiety is purely a cultural condition… but has it gone too far?

Recently I observed this franticness within my very own sketch videos. Up until the Easter break I had noticed that most of my videos had attempted to escape the limitations of time. Without necessarily realizing it I had used the effects of fast motion and stop motion to maximize the amount of imagery I could contain within 10 seconds….. Pure genius really?

or not…..

In everyday life, I also struggle with the amount of time I have in my day. Stress and anxiety often overwhelm me, So as Michel de. Certeau highlights in his paper The Practice of Everyday Life’….I purely have to ‘make do’. One way of managing this is by participating in what Certeau highlights as ‘La perruque’, where one performs and undertakes personal work under their current place of employment….

I have recently been very guilty of this, undertaking my homework assignments at work when i often don’t have enough time to do them in my free time. Although filming myself pouring coffee isn’t necessarily productive, it isn’t a hindrance to my work ethic. If anything, it allows me to appreciate my practice, and notice the once unnoticeable beauties within my work place.

Yet, during the Easter break I noticed a remarkable transformation within my videos, that i didn’t notice within myself. The pace of my videos slowed down and i began to focus on the beauty of nature…..(see my last few videos in comparison to earlier ones)

Its strange what a little break can do.


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