If my work aspires to be anything … is this video. It’s a truley emotive piece that leaves me speechless after every watch.

Recently I re-watched this video and found it extremely relevant to both integrated media and Film/Tv1. For integrated it has shown me how a film can be moving without necessarily relying on a structured narrative. This film could almost be a poem, a sonnet, or even a serenade of the ocean. This has helped me form the basis of my own non-linear Korsakow film. Its not what order your text is in but instead how powerful the text is. I’ve come to realize that the main goal of my project is to create a feeling rather than to explain a story. This feeling may be dependent on the viewer but it must exist.

For my Film/TV class I have found it relevant to this weeks lecture and tute that focused on cinematography. The remarkable visuals explore the unseen world of the ocean from a different point of view. The sound also plays an extremely important function in this film. The rhythmic sound of the ocean, transports us back to our fetus-self wooshing within the womb. Its comforting and hypnotizing, calming us into a tranquil state.


5 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. woah,
    That was mesmerising..
    “If i only scrape a living, at least its a living worth scraping.”
    Sometimes I think we lose sight of that..

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