The Shoot

After months of preparation and work, we finally completed our film shoot. For me, the day began in the worst possible way… with food forcing its way out of my mouth rather than inside it. NOT FUN. After moping around trying to gather my thoughts, I decided to force a pharmacy down my throat and get my shit together. Being ill was not going to destroy this day.

Arriving at the shoot,  feeling very lethargic and nauseous, I didn’t feel like I was the best 1st AD our group could of asked for… but we did shoot to schedule, due to my barking of ‘standing by’ rapidly after every take. I also made sure i slated every take and followed the shot list and shooting schedule methodically.

Working with ( I’ll call him) “Bob”, I also got a taste of what difficult actors behave like. The endless lectures and patronizing tones got bore-some ,but I feel as if the whole crew handled it very well. Aside from this, I did gain a new found respect for actors in general. neither of ours forgot any of their lines or complained about the cold. They also delivered their lines almost exactly the same in every take. My respect also goes out to Hayden who shot the entire shoot by hand and hardly complained about his back or standing for nearly 8 hours straight. And also to Ben, for putting up with “Bob” and letting his insults and big-headednesss just glide over him.

Overall the shoot was a great learning curve, and im looking forward to discovering even more in my editing sessions.


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