The Internship- Net-a-Porter

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of Net-a-Porter

As I stepped into the sleek black and white painted reception, a wave of determination and enthusiasm overwhelmed me. I could only hear one thought ruminating in my brain ; “I want to work here”.

Net A Porter by Studio Fibre

It was 10:30 in the morning and I had made my way to my internship at Net-A-Porter. Created in 2000 by a forward-thinking single mother and being the first of its kind, Net-A-Porter has always been at the forefront of the online shopping experience. It has also been a dream of mine to someday work here. This dream somewhat came true when I was accepted to work there for a week long internship in their PR department.

The day began with a lengthy induction in one of their many Boardrooms. Sitting next to new employees and old ones back from maternity leave I felt slightly out of my depth, but nonetheless excited. The meeting consisted of ‘getting to know each other’ exercises, safety procedures and a run down of the companies history and beliefs. I felt this was a very thorough introduction to the company and it readily prepared me for my week.

After the meeting, I was given a tour of the exuberant office space. With up to 2,000 employees and situated on top of a shopping centre, the space was enormous! What was truly amazing was that no one had an actual office apart from the CEO and the Creator of the company; Natalie. Large white chandeliers billowed from the extremely high ceilings and giant plasma’s decorated the many walls with live updates of customers purchases from around the globe. It seemed that every aspect of the space, was designed to make one feel as if they were apart of something much bigger than themselves. Even the boardrooms were built completely out of glass, this literal transparency reflected the goals of the companies work ethic and its mission statement:

To make the world a more stylish place.

With none of its departments being outsourced (aside from shipping), Net-a-Porter has an impressively large workforce. Being a part of this proved to be a difficult task at times, but rewarding nonetheless. Aside from sifting through news articles, magazines and websites for content on Net-a-Porter, I also created daily coverage reports outlining the companies Media coverage and international reach.

This task proved to be arduous at times, especially when ‘reading’ magazines from Saudi Arabia, Germany, Japan and Italy. In not being able to speak any of these languages, my brain often felt overwhelmed trying to decipher the one English word; Net-a-Porter.

Fortunately the online content was a lot easier to scan and organize as it had already been sorted through by a program called Meltwater. This was a great learning opportunity as I had never used the program before! It was very easy to use and emailed you a report with links every day.

In working at Net-a-porter, I was also given a run through of their different marketing and PR campaigns. Obviously I cannot disclose any of that information, but it was nonetheless enlightening. Being briefed by the CRM team, (which is also another word I have learnt) proved to be essential to understanding the companies objectives and goals.

I was also lucky enough to be apart of the company as they prepared to shift their brand from being just an online destination to a magazine publication. Being released in 2013, I am very excited to see where this extraordinary company has taken their new magazine ‘PORTER’.