This is an analysis question for Tv/Film Reflection #2

‘The End of the Line’ – Documentary treatment

I feel this documentary successfully shows a myriad of opinions by documenting a tapestry of individuals whom live together in Broken Hill. This is mainly achieved by the variety amongst the interviewees in their age, gender, religion and background.  It is their unique opinions of the town that create a rich and unbiased view, that argues that neither the city nor the country is inherently better, but instead dependant on the needs of each individual. This objective viewpoint is echoed in the groups treatment, and allows the documentary to be an exploration into living in the country rather than becoming an opinionated piece.

Filmed within their homes, at work or with their dogs, these interviews feel very personal and therefore successfully achieve the ‘intimate’ feel the group was aiming for in their treatment. This sense of intimacy produces a charming feel to the film and allows viewers to connect with the interviewee’s on a level they might not have if the interviews were more formal.

Yet, what I feel is the most outstanding feature of this film is its use of ‘fill in’ shots that occur between each interview. I use the word ‘fill in’ very loosely as these shots are crucial in the feel of the film. They capture small aspects of everyday country life that would mostly go unnoticed. The line of a fence, the movement of a swinging handle and the vastness of Broken Hill itself.


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