Abstractness in video

This weeks task required us to create an abstract video with the video and audio content we had recorded previously in the semester. Having never used Adobe Premier before, I found this excersize to be a massive learning curve. Overall I do think the usability of Premier is superior to Final Cut, its cataloguing of your video library and clear visual layout is a massive bonus. Yet, I do have to acknowledge that i struggled with the audio levels and features. Luckily this excersize has highlighted that weakness so I can hopefully focus on it in class, or continue to watch the numerous youtube tutorials online.

For someone who lives by a routine, likes organisation and enjoys a sense of order, this video was definitely a struggle to create. I feel like this is reflected in the chaos this video ensues. I began by creating something with an obvious sense of symmetry and similarity, yet it grew into an explosion of movement, in every direction possible. It seems that it took me a while, before I could recalibrate and accept that I wasn’t going to create a film with a ‘narrative’, once I realised this I think that my video began to get better.

I was surprised to find that I found my main splice of audio from the backwards track that was created by one of my videos, I feel like this was a creative use of audio… especially as I had no audio tracks to work with from the first week. Due to this, all of the audio used in this film is from the different video tracks (some that I didn’t show). I did struggle with the levelling between the different tracks and would like to learn how to do this more effectively. To counteract this dilemma I  did attempt to layer the audio and also un-sync the tracks with the editing cuts.

Overall I found it quite difficult to create this video, mostly because there is no clear way to begin nor is their guidelines on where to cut, often given in narrative videos. It did, however show me that there are a number of different ways to approach your material when deciding on how to edit it all together. And that sometimes your original idea is only a mere diving board to a range of other ideas that are more creative and effective.

To watch the video, please click here.



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