Fish or Foe?

Im currently in the midst of producing a documentary for Uni about sharks. Here is the link to the blog:

and the original rough idea for the pitch:

The passion to kill our predators is ingrained in our primitive animalistic instincts. But have we taken it a step too far? Has our supreme intelligence and advanced technology made us irrelevant to the animal food chain that imprisons the rest of nature. Should we instead use this great power, to become protector’s of what remains of our ecosystems?

This has certainly never been the case for sharks, forever demonized in popular culture; their existence has become futile with the new shark cull laws that have been implemented in Western Australia. Aside from a certain few, who have remained loyal to the protection of these magnificent prehistoric predators, sharks have received a cold and bloodthirsty reception. So why then are sharks revered as evil and untrustworthy when they kill less humans then ‘Majestic’ animals such as; Tigers, Lions, Leopards and Hippo’s. What has created this sometimes-irrational fear that does not exist for other Apex predators?

In this Documentary we would like to source the general consensus of what Australia thinks and also what they know about the Shark cull’s that are taking place in Western Australia currently. We would also like to uncover what impact, killing sharks will have on the ecosystem, and how vulnerable their position is by interviewing a marine biologist. This could all possibly be filmed at the Melbourne Aquarium and at the Marine Research Centre in Queenscliff. This would be a great place to source natural sounds as we would want to steer clear of scary, fear mongering music that is so often associated with sharks.

Overall, we feel that there is a romanticism placed on other marine creatures, such as dolphins and whales that isn’t placed on sharks that needs to be questioned. Where did this all begin? Is it at the fault of the media and cinema industry? And what repercussions has it produced in the real world? How much does Australia know about the culls and how willing are they to stop them?


One thought on “Fish or Foe?

  1. Laws have just been passed to stop the cull of Sharks. There were no White Pointer sharks caught on the drum lines in WA. Apparently the presiding government will not challenge or appeal the high court decision. There is an excellent doco on a ten year search to find a missing shark. I will try to find the resource and send you a link. Great topic!

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