Guest Lecture Week 1 – ABC R + D

Guest Lecture Week 1 –

I found this week’s guest speaker to be extremely interesting and very relevant to the career pathway that I dream of having myself. Discussing ‘exponential technology’ and ‘ubiquitous computing’, Astrid reported on the ABC’s somewhat new focus on ‘R+D’ ( Research and Development). Through this research Astrid highlighted the ‘megatrends’ that are beginning to emerge and shape society. These being:

  • Exponential technology – user and creator end – fast pace
  • Ubiquitous Computing – environmentally we are connected. Not quite have it yet, sensory environment – ‘how close you are to wall’, i.e ‘ikea kitchen knows what you are doing’- enable your envi
  • Big data/ quantified self – wearable devices- rich sensory data in hyper personalisation. Could get Mood data (like caeden?). Experiments into physiological data that we havent tapped into yet. Data then made available to media makers
  • AI and machine learning – virtual assistants are going to change the way we live.
  • More Natural, Human Interfaces – conversational interfaces where one can talk to the device.

From their rigorous research and data analysis, ABC investigated how Australia’s ‘future homes’ are being shaped. Finding most significantly, that the family dynamic of sitting at home and watching tv together is rapidly disintegrating. Pathing the way for single parent, aged care, and single-living dwelling. This will also lead to an unfortunate rise in homelessness. As a result of these changes, society will depart from regional centres into the urban centres of cities. Due to the spatial limitations that will arise because of this, it is predicted that an increase will occur in shared and immersive spaces.

Anita also highlighted the future developments that are currently on the forefront of research, these being:

  1. Sensors
  2. Wearables with biofeedback
  3. Smart objects (iOt)
  4. Gesture and voice (NUIS)
  5. Projections and holograms
  6. A.i and virtual assisants
  7. Artificial reality
  8. Sound (emmersive sound, sound follows you from room to room)

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