Craft vs. Passion Mindset

Should I work in a job that cultivates my ‘craft’ or that fuels my desire for cashflow and fame?  This is the question that is broadly discussed in this weeks reading by Cal Newport.

Quoting comedian; Steve Martin, Newport emphasises the applicability of his catchphrase  ‘Be so good they can’t ignore you’. Highlighting how one could adopt the ‘craftsmen mindset’ and achieve success in the same breath.

He identifies this ‘craftsmen mindset’ as one that focuses on ‘what you can offer the world’ and where interests and creativity seem to follow naturally. Specifying that this may not happen instantaneously or without hard work.

To a degree, this is opposed to Newport’s ‘passion mindset’. Where your passion for success and wealth trumps your craft. He believes that this mindset will keep you ‘perpetually unhappy and confused’, as you become hyperaware of what you don’t like and continually question your own desires.

Overall, Newport summarises his position by stating; that one shouldn’t envy the craftsmen mindset, but instead one should emulate it. To an extent, this indirectly relates to the ‘fake it till you make it’ catchphrase.

Yet to me, this article seems to speak to a larger psychological framework surrounding the idea of happiness. As one cannot truly find happiness in the external world, until they have found it within themselves.

Although collectively this sounds quite cliche, my experiences of the working world and family, have so far proven for this to be true.



One thought on “Craft vs. Passion Mindset

  1. Weird, been thinking about this all week. And somehow your blog title and tonnes of other sources just start leaping out from the screen. Also, nice final thought to leave with, thanks girl

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