Career Portfolio


PaperPlane Media (2014)

Below is a logo and style guide, designed for the creation of my own potential media company. The style guide includes business cards and letter heads for printing and distribution.


Short Documentary: Apex (2014)

This is a short documentary I shot with a group of other students in my second year of University. The film explores society’s general fear of sharks and where this anxiety has originated from. Whilst also examining the negative repercussions that these perceptions might have for sharks and for the ecosystem’s of our oceans. Interviewing a series of marine biologists, scientists and activists, our mini documentary aims to explore this infamous apex predator through the use of strong visual imagery, from within the Port Phillip Bay and the Melbourne Fish Market areas.


Short Film: About a Dog (2013)

This is a short film I helped produce with a group of other students in my first year of University. The film follows the narrative of a young man returning home from work to find a strange man in his living room with another mans dog.