The xx

Like most, i am eagerly anticipating the titillating new album from The xx-coexist.

Yet after leaking two tracks off the new album; both Angels and Chained, will their other songs have much to offer? I’m thinking yes.

Although these new tracks have offered little diversity from the last album, they are sure to please diehard xx fans. For me, i hope the rest of the album offers a little more risk-taking. But for now, I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the beautiful, brooding yet remarkably similar tracks they’ve already released.


Her Morning Elegance- Oren Lavie

This beautifully crafted stop-motion music video, has steadily gained popularity over YouTube. Partly created by singer/song writer Oren Lavie, this film harmonizes wonderfully with the soft melody of Lavie’s voice.

Unlike many recent stop-motion videos, Her Morning Elegance skillfully and smoothly edits each photograph into a truley breathtaking video. Whilst tackling difficult maneuvers, the lighting also remains remarkably constant throughout the course of the video. Retrospectively, this video suggests that one does not need an over-sized budget to create a moving and inspirational music video.

Overall Lavie’s refined and simplistic style has successfully produced a video that, as a whole compliments his soft indie/folk song. One can appreciate this video when comparing it to theĀ  overwhelmingly abundance of garish and over-the-top videos, recently produced by such artists as Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.