The Idea of North – Reflection

TV/FILM 2: Analysis Reflection 1

An analysis of a Radio Documentary I was asked to do for university

Beginning with the soft vocal track of a Canadian woman, this radio documentary begins with a voice that sounds as if it should belong to a character in an audiobook. The unusually melodic accent is easy on the ears but at times hard to comprehend. This confusion isn’t helped when the addition of numerous other audio tracks are overlayed, creating an incomprehensible sea of voices. At this point I became less fixated on what was being said by the voices individually and more focused on what emotions they conjured as a whole. Making out little snippets of each of the voices, the producer creates a unified imagery of the ‘Far North’ of America through the individual experiences of the interviewee’s. It seems vast, foreign, desolate but at the same time beautiful and beguiling. This imagery seems to be reflected in the audio track, with the stream of voices becoming overwhelming and confusing but holding with it small moments of conceivable beauty and poetry.

As the sea of voices start to fade, an individual narrator takes control of the podcast and leads the documentary with more direction. Subtly the familiar sound of a train running on its tracks begins being played in background which I enjoyed, as it conjured up the therapeutic feeling of sitting on a train and watching the world pass by.